DAY SEVEN - 1/4 of the way there!

Avocado Toast

Phew. One week down!

So here’s the scoop: I’ve done pretty damn good this week if I do say so myself. My two “slips” were both unintentional. I asked for fruit instead of dessert at a work-related gala, and the server DID bring me a beautiful bowl of berries, but they just so happened to be coated in a light, sweet syrup. (I was not going to let a bowl of fresh berries go to waste because of a little sweetener.) Then just this morning I ordered a tea with milk hold the sugar and—you guessed it—they did not hold the sugar. And I’m the sort who feels uncomfortable sending things back.

On day three I felt sluggish. Hungry but also not hungry. Thirsty. Kind of anxious. Had a little bit of a headache. To be fair I also woke up at 5:30am and stayed awake until about 7:00am, then went back to sleep for another hour or so. My friend Kathleen suggested more protein to help with sugar cravings. On day four I started my period. lol. This could have had a lot to do with my symptoms from the day before. By day five I was feeling pretty good! Javier and I went out for dinner and had some delicious Mexican food (although we avoided the salsa for fear it might contain hidden sugars.) Then on day six I took a turn. Was feeling low emotionally, sort of stressed, angry, hopeless, self-conscious, depressed, and I realllllyyy just wanted to eat some chocolate, but I didn’t. I don’t think this mental/emotional low was due to a lack of sugar, but that I sought sugar out as a comfort during this emotional low.


Today is day SEVEN and so far I feel pretty ok. No horrible cravings or withdrawal symptoms. I haven’t noticed any significant changes in my skin, mood, or physical state. I also haven’t had horrible, all consuming cravings. So far this reduction has been much easier than when I gave up sugar, gluten, and dairy all at once.

Javier and I had quinoa pasta, zoodles & meatballs with a low-sugar sauce for dinner, and Javier even brought me a sparkling water with a little bit of artificial sweetener in it. (Again, I think wiggle room is important.) Both of us admitted to missing dessert. Javier is longing for birthday cake and myself some dark chocolate.

To distract my brain from missing sugar I’ve been drinking one or two decaf chais a day, plus other teas if I like. Breakfasts and snacks this week have mostly consisted of oatmeal with fruit, nuts and greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs on avocado toast, as pictured here. My goals for next week are to drink more water, and consume more protein and vegetables. More pictures to come…