30 Day Sugar ~Reduction~ Day ONE

I know you’ve seen this all before...

“I Quit Sugar for 30 Days and THIS is What Happened!”
“5 Things I Learned from 30 Days Without Sugar”
“I did the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge and lost 15lb!”

And now it’s my turn. But let me make you this promise: I will not bullshit you. If I don’t feel better after giving up sugar for 30 days, I will say so. If the cravings never really go away, I will say so. I’m not interested in being another “giving up sugar really transformed my life—and it can for YOU too!” blog. No one is paying me to do this. I’m not pushing a diet or a diet plan. I’m just chronicling my journey.

5 Things You Need To Know…

1) My boyfriend Javier is doing this with me. I find any kind of restrictive diet change is easier when you have a buddy.

2) My goal: To reduce my overall cravings for sugar and lose 3-5lb.

3) Our perimeters:

  • we will enjoy fruit in it’s natural form, we will choose to pass on fruit drinks and dried fruit

  • we will choose to pass on all added sugars, even honey and maple syrup BUT I can choose to have a dash of Stevia and he some sugar-free gelatin when we wish.

  • We are allowing ourselves some wiggle room when it comes to prepackaged foods like pasta sauces. As long as a serving contains less than 5g of sugar, we’re good. This way we don’t have to give up all convenience.

These sugar cookies from Virgin closing night were out of this WORLD. #extravirgin

These sugar cookies from Virgin closing night were out of this WORLD. #extravirgin

4) According to this NYT article from 2016, no more than 50g a day is the recommended level of sugar intake and 25g is even healthier, so I’m going to aim to consume less than 50g a day.

5) I do not think sugar is evil. I used to, but now I happily, openly love sugary treats. I love donuts, waffles, dark chocolate, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, Oreos, sour patch kids, pumpkin bread, rice pudding, the list goes on! But I also believe (for me) everything in moderation is key.

I’ve done variations of a “no sugar” or “less sugar” detox/cleanse many times now. My last 30 days without sugar also included 30 days without gluten and dairy, and I’m interested to see if I see different or similar results from that detox.

So there you have it. Today is day one and so far I’ve had half a peach mixed with plain greek yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast. We’ll see how I feel by the end of the day! Stay tuned for updates. Also, Javier mentioned he might do some vlogs to document the experience from his perspective, so I may be sharing those as well!

As always, much love.