Update #1 (Pre New York)

Phew, the times flies when you're crazy busy. Here's he scoop on what I've been up to:

Last month, I participated in The Fishtank Theater's The Insubordinates, a post-apocolyptic, ensemble-based intensive. It was great fun, and I made some new friends! (This is me in my crazy, apocalyptic circus costume.) 

The Insubordinates


As soon as Insubordinates was struck, I dove right into my favorite annual event: NO SLEEP NOVEMBER at The Living Room Theatre. Check out my badass team:

Dragon Slayer: Quest for the Egg of Armagon

In 24-hours I wrote and directed a new ten-minute play, Dragon Slayer: Quest for the Egg of Armagon, staring these amazingly talented actors. (Shea Ketchum, Pancho Javier, Erdin Schultz-Bever). We follow Shadowfox the Sure-footed and Tammy as their guide, Silver Stallion takes them on an adventure of teamwork and self-discovery (and dragon slaying, of course.) 

This month another new ten-minute play of mine, Friend Love, had it's debut as part of the Barn Player's annual 6x10 Play Festival. I also had the honor of writing content for the Fishtank's annual 12 Plays of Christmas. Check out this action shot of Fishtank Curator/Actress Heidi Van:

12 Plays of Christmas

And last (but certainly not least), the REASON for this blog's title...next week I will be flying to NEW YORK for a rehearsal of WICKED CREATURES, which is receiving a staged reading in NYC as part of the First Breath New Play Reading Series at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting! I am beyond honored and excited. Also a little bit terrified, but hey, what's life without a little adventure? 

I promise to write another blog post very soon, all about my experience in New York! Stay tuned...