When I decided to start this blog, I made no promise of how often I would update it, 1) because I wasn't entirely sure how I would use it, 2) because I figured only a handful of people would actually read it. However, since we're nearly five months into the year, (and since I've officially entered my mid-twenties), I suppose it's time for another post. 

Twenty-five. A quarter of a century gone by, a fourth of which I can't even remember. Some women my age already have husbands and children. Some have comfortable jobs and a stable income. I have amazing friends, adoring family, and a pillowcase emblazoned with Nicholas Cage's face. I also have experience, drive, and skill. So, I declare this year the year of Adulting. For real. There's a good chance my brain has finally finished developing, so this shall be a year of hard work, buckling down, and really committing myself to the path of frigid--er--independent career woman I've chosen (so far so good). 

In the last five months, I've written two full-length plays: Bed Play: The Elements of Intimacy, which I hope to produce this year, and Customer Service, which is still a work in progress but will eventually be a long one-act; I wrote two one-minute plays for a response piece to the 2016 presidential election; I was lucky enough to embody a badass, 20-something film producer in Drunks by Pete Bakely, and perform in staged readings of new plays for the William Inge New Play Festival in Independence, KS. It hasn't been easy, and I've certainly had my highs and lows, but overall, I can say that I'm proud of what I've accomplished. 

So I guess that's what I'll use this blog for. A place to report my achievements? 

No, I'd like for it to be more than that. Even if no one ever reads this. Because what I really want, is to write about the things I'm interested besides theater: sexual health, mental health, self-care, food, cats, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Real talk: January was a month of pure bliss. February was utter despair. I don't know if it was hormones (ask me about my IUD!), seasonal depression, or dementors, but I was able to pull myself back up through March and sail through April at a wobbly state of "pretty good!" Buffy had a big hand in that because now I basically want to BE her. So, perhaps I'll write about that next. Or my love of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. (If you're still reading, send me an email with your address and the subject title "the world is quiet here" and I will send you a personal thank you card). 

So yeah, I guess that's what I'll do! Write about whatever I dern well please. For me. And for you, dear reader. 

Mindfully. Like a Badass. 

Anyway. Until next time...