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The Confluence Theater Company will be producing

Wicked Creatures

at The Living Room Theater, this fall!

Performances Dates Include:
Oct. 25-26 (8pm)
Oct. 27 (2pm)
Oct. 31-Nov. 2 (8pm)

I wrote Wicked Creatures in the fall of 2015, as part of a playwriting class offered at The Living Room theater. In the summer of 2016, The Living Room created a company of actors/playwrights and produced Wicked Creatures, along with three other stellar plays, as part of KC Fringe. In 2017, I flew to New York, where Wicked Creatures was selected for a staged reading as part of the Harold Clurman Divison's First Breath New Play Reading Series, at the Stella Adler studio for acting. This year, it was a Semifinalist in the National Playwrights Conference AND helped me earn the position of First Alternate with one of the most selective playwright MFA programs out there, a program that only accepts one playwright per year. And NOW, this October, it will be produced by The Confluence Theatre Company, AT The Living Room where it was first conceived.

Wicked Creatures is gothic horror where the monsters in the home aren't ghosts or beasts, but misogyny, ableism, and the denial of bodily autonomy--wholly human horrors. It deftly navigates complicated questions around consent, being a survivor of abuse and perpetrating that same abuse, and what it means to exists as a woman in the world. Though a period piece, it feels timely and sharp, and offers no easy answers.” —Katherine Gwynn, Playwright.


England, the 1800s: When the mysterious, cross-dressing Sonja Smithson invites Archibald Worthington to her home for the evening, the young scholar finds himself a prisoner to Sonja and her two companions: the "incorruptibly good" Emily Clearwater, and the humorously foul-mouthed Clara Hollowell. At their mercy, Archibald is forced to perform sexual acts in the pursuit of the greatest scientific invention his captors can imagine: the perfect female contraceptive.

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